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Real world asset tokenization is the next step in financial evolution, democratizing access and enhancing asset liquidity globally.

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What is Tokenization?

Tokenization is a process of creating digital representations of various assets on a blockchain. These assets can be physical, such as real estate or art, financial, such as stocks or bonds, or intangible, such as intellectual property or data. The assets are represented in the form of digital tokens that can be traded, verified, and secured on a decentralized network. Tokens can be fungible or non-fungible, depending on their design and function. Tokenization is part of Web3, which aims to make online space more open, transparent, and democratic.

Our approach


Step 1:

Get to know each other

We get to know each other, delve into tokenization and explore the way for a successful collaboration.

Step 2:

Tokenization Workshop

In a 2-4h online workshop, we define the basics for your tokenization project. This workshop includes:

  • Introduction
  • Concept ideation (why, idea, scope)
  • Legal & corporate structure
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Token Economics
  • …and many more

Step 3:

Concept Creation & Offer

Based on the results of the workshop, we create a concept and an offer for your tokenization project:

  • Legal & organizational Structure
  • Token Specification
  • Underlying Asset Definition
  • Basic Legal Evaluation
  • Project Plan & Milestones
  • Offer

Step 4:

Project Implementation

We realize the tokenization project tailored to your needs, target audience, jurisdiction and use case:

  • Project Management
  • Private / Public Sale
  • Technological Implementation
  • Software Setup
  • Token Distribution
  • Handover / Operations


real estate tokenization

Cryptix Tokenlaunchpad is an all-around solution for tokenizing real estate, renewable energy, commodities. Our solution is here to help you along the way

tokenization legal
Envisioned and built by leading blockchain and tokenization experts in Switzerland and EU, we offer services that cover all aspects of tokenization process, including but not limited to technical, legal, marketing and sales. 
automated onboarding tokenization

Our automated onboarding allows you to start creating your customized token with just a few clicks. We take care of the rest, guiding you through the whole process and supporting you with everything you need when tokenizing.

Products & Services

Cryptix Group has licenses and expertise to cover all tokenization aspects in DACH Region and European Union. 

MiFID II licensed Broker

MiFID II licensed Broker:

With our MiFID II licensed Broker Equito you get the highest level of compliance for your tokenized assets.

Technology Know How

Technology Know How:

Our blockchain experts are experienced in tackling all kinds of large scale projects around blockchain whether it be developing smart contracts, building a cryptocurrency exchange, establishing a new blockchain or creating solutions for big ecosystems.

Access to a big investor base

Access to a big investor base:

No starting from scratch. We work together with various blockchain and web3 organizations which give you access to an existing, huge community.

IT-Security Know How

IT-Security Know How:

Safety first! Adopting the top security standards in the industry with ISO:27001 we make sure that your tokenized assets are secure and protected. Cryptix is home to the first CCSS (Cryptocurrency Security Standard) auditor in the region.

Blockchain agnostic

Blockchain agnostic:

we are blockchain agnostic and find the right customized solution that fits your needs, including our own existing solutions with a large established user base.

Infrastructure for Management and Payouts

Infrastructure for Management and Payouts:

Our custom software ecosystem includes solutions for Real Estate Management, Shareholder Registry, Payouts, Snapshots, Investor Portal and more.

In-house Legal & Regulatory Expertise

In-house Legal & Regulatory Expertise:

in addition to required licenses, we have a leading in-house team of legal experts in the industry, who will support you with all legal aspects when it comes to tokenizing in Switzerland, Germany, Austria and European Union.

Marketing Know How

Marketing Know How:

We will make sure that the world knows about your token. Our in-house marketing and communications team will help you spread the word to the right audience.

Real Estate Tokenization

Real estate tokenization transforms physical properties into digital tokens on blockchain, enhancing liquidity, diversifying ownership, and improving transparency. This innovation democratizes real estate investment, enabling retail investors to access the market with a minimal entry cost and facilitating global investment.
It also presents regulatory challenges that require collaboration between industry stakeholders and regulators to ensure investor protection and market integrity, and this is where our dedicated team of legal experts, specializing on real estate tokenization, can support you.

Tokenization of renewable energy

Renewable energy tokenization is a cutting-edge development in the field of sustainable energy investment. It involves converting ownership in renewable energy projects into digital tokens, which can be traded on exchange platforms. This innovation offers increased accessibility to green energy investments, allowing a broader range of investors to support and benefit from the renewable energy field. It also enhances transparency and accountability in the sector by leveraging blockchain’s immutable ledger technology.
Furthermore, tokenization can streamline the financing of renewable projects and promote their rapid expansion and adoption, contributing to the global transition towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly energy landscape.

... other tokenization use cases

Tokenization can turn almost any asset, either real or virtual, into a digital token. Examples of Tokenization use-cases include:
  • Financial Instruments: Bonds, Equities, Participation Rights, Shares, Stocks, Investment Funds, Loans, Commodities
  • Certifications: Diplomas & Certificates, Vouchers, Tickets, Proof of Attendance, Proof of Maintenance, …
  • Physical Assets: Real Estate, Art, Collectibles, Industrial Assets, Cars, Machineries
  • Digital Assets: Art, Music, Collectibles, Gaming, Badges
  • Other Tokens: Utility Tokens, Voting Rights, Governance Tokens, 

Tokenization by numbers

€15 trillion

Asset Tokenization potential till 2030


of global GDP in 2030

6 Years

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