Who we are?

Cryptix is a web 3 venture builder and end-to-end service provider for blockchain solutions, tokenization and more. 
Located in the Crypto Valley in Switzerland, with a large R&D center for blockchain and DLT in the heart of Vienna (Cryptix LABS), we focus on a wide range of services and use cases for utilizing web 3 solutions. From IT and product development through cybersecurity, regulatory and legal support to marketing and communications, we are your trusted partner in the world of web 3.  

Cryptix Tokenization Team

Bernhard Koch

Cryptix Founder & Chairman

Anja Frauwallner


Armin Reiter


Luka Gubo

Capital Markets Director & Founder/CEO Equito

Nikita Samylin

Marketing & Communication

David Castro

Project Management

Philipp Gatter

Art Director

Siegfried Skalla

Solution Architect

Simon Rizkalla

Software Engineer

Benjamin Safaric

Sales Representative

Mateusz Szymanski

Software Engineer

Primoz Frelih

Project Management

…and many more in the Cryptix Ecosystem.

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