360° Tokenization solution means for us, to help our customers through the whole tokenization process, including the preparation, implementation and post-project support and operation for your tokenized assets. To make your project successful, we offer full service, including:

  • Definition and preparation of the organizational structure
  • Token Handling including the token creation, distribution, whitelisting, minting and burning.
  • Definition of the legal structure
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Setup and operations of the IT Infrastructure
  • Ready Investor Portal, whitelabeled to your brand
  • BackOffice Software for shareholder registry, payouts, transaction overview, votings and many more. 
  • Preparation and support for your operation and finance teams  Structure
  • Training of your employees
  • For Securities:
    • Prospectus Creation
    • Project listing on our MiFID II regulated broker Equito
    • Secondary Market Listing


Our offerings extends, but is not limited to, tokenization of intangible assets, such as patents, trademarks, copyrights, among others, allowing you to enhance the capabilities on asset management, transferability, and safeguarding. And tangible assets, including securities, equities, real state, art, and many more, rendering the ownership experiences more divisible and accessible, elevating the liquidity of the assets, which makes your products more attractive to your target market.

Committed to security, we harness the right blockchain for your solution, to ensure the integrity of your assets, rooted with the advance crypto technology, smart contracts, and decentralized ledger system. These layers of security, mitigate the potential risks associated with fraudulent activities, guaranteeing the preservation of your holdings. Our services unlock unlimited benefits for augmented liquidity, global accessibility, transparency, and security on any step of the process, each one being a main distinction of assets tokenization. Embrace the new technologies and peak solutions for asset management and ownership with Cryptix.

All our services are backed by:

MiFID II licensed

Our services are strengthened by our MiFID II licensed Broker Equito, offering you increased transparency, regulatory compliance, and expanded market access, all of which enhance the security and efficiency of your asset transactions.

Know How

Our blockchain experts are experienced in tackling all kinds of large scale projects around blockchain whether it be developing smart contracts, building a cryptocurrency exchange, establishing a new blockchain or creating solutions for big ecosystems.


Our extensive investor base and active web3 community offer invaluable networking, knowledge sharing, and collaborative opportunities, enriching your experience in the blockchain and web3 space. You won't be starting from scratch, be part of our community!

Know How

Safety first! Adopting the top security standards in the industry with ISO:27001 we make sure that your tokenized assets are secure and protected. Cryptix is home to the first CCSS (Cryptocurrency Security Standard) auditor in the region.


We are in for flexibility! Adapt and utilize different blockchain platforms, depending on specific project requirements. We help our customers to find the right blockchain for your tokenization use case to leverage the strengths of various technologies.


Our custom software ecosystem includes solutions for Real Estate Management, Shareholder Registry, Payouts, Snapshots, Investor Portal and more.

Legal & Regulatory

In addition to required licenses, we have a leading in-house team of legal experts in the industry, who will support you with all legal aspects when it comes to tokenizing in Switzerland, Germany, Austria and European Union.

Know How

We will make sure that the world knows about your token. Our in-house marketing and communications team will help you spread the word to the right audience.

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