Cryptix Launches Stellar Tokenlaunchpad, Supported by Stellar Community Fund  

Stellar Tokenlaunchpad

Here at Cryptix we are proud of our strong expertise with different blockchain technologies, and among these technologies, our work with the Stellar network stands out as part of our overall effort and activities in exploring unique qualities of various chains. 
Therefore, we’re thrilled to share that our expertise around the Stellar network has recently been recognized through a grant from the Stellar Community Fund. This grant has enabled us to develop Stellar Tokenlaunchpad at The platform is now live and allows anyone to create custom Stellar tokens in less than one minute. This initiative reflects Cryptix dedication to providing practical and user-friendly to Stellar community. 

Our mission here at Cryptix is to make blockchain technologies approachable and usable for everyone and we extend our gratitude to Stellar Community for their support. “We’re grateful to Stellar Community Fund for the grant awarded and are happy to make a contribution to the Stellar ecosystem. Hopefully our solution will help to make Stellar’s groundbreaking technology even more accessible to people worldwide,” says Armin Reiter, CEO of Cryptix.    

Moreover, our Cryptix Tokenlaunchpad platform allows users to issue custom tokens across multiple blockchains similarly, with or without coding skills. All that’s needed is a working browser and browser wallet such as Metamask. 

We invite you to explore both tokenlaunchpads and see for yourself how easy it is to create your first token! Let’s shape the future of Web3 together. Happy tokenizing!  

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