Security token

What is a Security token?

When considering the topic of tokenization, which represents the most innovative application of blockchain technology, security tokens have emerged as a significant player. The term “security token” is comprised of two words, namely “security” and “token”. Therefore, it is important to delve deeper into their meanings. Why is it a

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energy tokenization

Powering the Future: Tokenization’s Impact on the Energy Industry

In an age where digital transformation is reshaping industries, energy tokenization is emerging as a revolutionary concept that has the potential to transform the energy sector as we know it. This innovative technology has full potential to change the way we generate, distribute, and consume energy, making it more efficient,

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real estate tokenization blog article

Unlocking the Power of Real Estate Investment with Tokenization 

The real estate market has been recently going through a significant transformation, and it’s all thanks to an innovative concept of the real estate tokenization. This revolutionary approach to real estate investments focuses on reducing or even removing high-entry barriers to the assets that have traditionally required extensive capital or

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Asset Classes DeFi

Tokenization in 2023: 5 Asset Classes Reshaping DeFi  

In the ever-changing world of digital finance, decentralized technologies and blockchain, tokenization keeps emerging as a clear transformative trend. This trend goes mainly into the direction of real-world asset tokenization with a potential to reach $16 trillion business by 2030 [1]. In this article, we explore asset types that are

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