Cryptix Launches Tokenlaunchpad, a New App Allowing Users to Instantly Create Custom Tokens on Various Blockchains

Cryptix Tokenlaunchpad

Cryptix, a leading global Web 3 venture builder and end-to-end service provider for Web 3 and blockchain, announced today the launch of the Tokenlaunchpad platform, a new web app allowing users to issue their own custom tokens on various blockchains. A revolutionary platform, Tokenlaunchpad enables anyone, with or without coding skills, to create a token. All that’s needed is a working browser and browser wallet such as Metamask.

With Tokenlaunchpad, anyone can issue tokens such as an ERC-20, customize that token’s name, symbol, supply, and other parameters. Users can also select the blockchain network they want to deploy their token on, such as Avalanche, Base, eSync Network, Ethereum, Gnosis, Optimism or Polygon and their Testnets. Tokenlaunchpad will handle the token creation and deployment process for users and provide them with a unique contract address for their token.

The web app is designed to be user-friendly, fast, and free. Users don’t have to pay any fees to use the app, except for the network gas fees required for any blockchain transaction. Tokenlaunchpad also provides users with a dashboard where they can view and manage their tokens, as well as access other features such as whitelisting.

Tokenlaunchpad platform aims to democratize the token economy and push blockchain adoption to the next level. By allowing everyone to get hands-on experience with tokens and token deployment, Cryptix hopes to inspire more innovation and creativity in the blockchain space.

“Our vision is to make blockchain and tokenization accessible for everyone. The Tokenlaunchpad app is the ultimate tool for anyone who wants to create their own token and experiment with the possibilities of blockchain. Whether you want to issue a token for your community, your real-world asset tokenization project, just for fun or for training purposes, Tokenlaunchpad makes it easy and enjoyable.” says Armin Reiter, CEO of Cryptix.

The Tokenlaunchpad app is now available at Users can simply connect their wallet and start the token creation. In the upcoming months, additional features and networks will be added to the Tokenlaunchpad and the app will become an open source solution this year after the initial beta phase is done, allowing users to extend the tokenlaunchpad and adapt it for their specific use cases.

Tokenlaunchpad is powered by Cryptix. Learn more about Cryptix, its other projects and ventures by visiting the website

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About Cryptix Group

Cryptix Group is a Web 3 venture building company, headquartered in Crypto Valley in Zug, Switzerland with many subsidiaries in other countries. It forms and supports ventures that work under the vision of utilizing blockchain technology, decentralization and decentralized ownership, in order to help the general population in resisting and overcoming the challenges of modern economy such as inflation, unemployment and high debts. The Group creates and supports solutions with its services ranging from business-, ISO- and legal-consulting, IT, including mobile-, web- and blockchain-development, as well as a huge range of marketing and communication services up to financial services.

Cryptix is committed to developing solutions that adhere to the highest regulatory standards. Cryptix is a strong advocate for the approach where the only way to do things is the right, straight-forward and compliant way. Cryptix Group has all the necessary knowledge, licenses, and expertise to achieve this, making it a driving power in the Web 3 regulatory landscape.

Cryptix LABS, the in-house R&D center accompanies these initiatives with studies and technology around Blockchain and DLT.

Equito, part of Cryptix Group, is a modern financial institution and a MiFID II regulated broker.

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